Charlotte NC

Port City Club

Causal, but upscale, this revived space adds an elegant atmosphere to both indoor and outdoor dining.

Originally built for the defunct Mid-Town Sundries chain of local restaurants, this 13,000 sf lakeside restaurant was renovated with a casual upscale trendy color scheme and improvements. With a limited budget, opportunities and accoutrements were selected that would make the biggest impact and changes from the local customers perspective. Minor floor plan changes were made to minimize costs and permit/inspection issues with a very short schedule, opening timing being critical to this venue due to its location and seasonal impact. Another successful and appropriate use of IPD services.

Multiple new light fixtures to enhance impact of aesthetic change
Besides lighting, location and presence of the large u-shaped bar made it a priority for change with new solid surface countertop, millwork face panels, refinished brass foot rail, dark mirrored keg enclosure, and new open center liquor display
Fabrics, finishes, furniture, and button detailed banquettes were specified and mixed to orchestrate multiple and different seating areas in the bar and dining rooms

Outdoor beach seating, outdoor uncovered dining, outdoor covered seating with removable transparent panels, all received new furniture and upgrades appropriate to their condition adding even more dining settings
Restrooms were designed to receive new custom wood louvered partitions; wall and floor tile; new solid surface countertops and copper colored bowls; and new artwork and furniture
Minor floor plan changes were made to screen service areas, add a coffee and bakery station, improve kitchen efficiencies