Mooresville NC

Epic Chophouse

Mooresville, NC Restaurant with the look of a contemporary New York style bistro.

When the partners were asked to evaluate a new restaurant opportunity, RdM Architecture was there to support that effort with quick design, construction, schedule and financial services. An example of our IPD approach, success is evident on all levels as the project went from concept to opening in just over three months. At first glance, the 12,000 sf, two-story failed restaurant space, in a pleasingly historic building c.1888, appeared less than inviting and somewhat claustrophobic with dark tall back wood booths under a low hanging mezzanine, unfitting color patterns, and inexpensive contemporary lighting. Immediately the design team suggested removing the mezzanine to open up the space in pursuit of a bistro type atmosphere the may be found in Chicago or New York. Epic Chophouse quickly became an anchor to this historic downtown in Mooresville NC, Race City USA.