BurgerFi Myrtle Beach NC

BurgerFi Myrtle Beach NC Burgerfi Burgerfi, North Myrtle Beach SC: Having previously committed to our single sourced Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services, this NC/SC franchise ownership had already experienced the benefits of our IPD process in two previous restaurant projects. And with a franchise that was still learning its way, our design and construction teams […]

BurgerFi Raleigh

BurgerFi Raleigh NC Burgerfi Burgerfi, Raleigh NC: The second unit in a sequence of projects with this concept, RdM Architecture had built its trust and was awarded the design and construction without any competitive bid process. With the same unique blend of materials, RdM Architecture continued to refine design and construction details with the corporate […]

BurgerFi Cary

BurgerFi Cary NC Burgerfi A unique blend of materials, this design concept explodes with natural woods, multiple metals and polished concrete to create a raw fresh industrial setting to compliment the all natural craft burgers. Pushing the exterior facade wall slightly deeper into the tenant space creates a covered and protected outdoor dining space. With […]

Phoenix Montessori Academy

Phoenix Montessori Academy Huntersville NC Phoenix Montessori Academy Design, development and construction. Another example of our single sourced Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) services, this private school project also utilized our development resources. With the 10-year-old school on the brink of disaster having just received notice of their lease being canceled, the school was referred to […]